Finally! Adele Confirmed Her Marriage In A Genius Way At The Grammys

Smart cookie.


Rumours of Adele’s marriage to her longtime partner Simon Konecki have been floating around for months now, but the singer last night finally confirmed the pair had tied the knot.

Rather than flash a wedding ring at reporters or make a gushing announcement on Instagram, Adele instead kept things oh-so-subtle, casually using the word “husband” during her Grammys acceptance speech.

“Grammys, I appreciate it, the Academy, I love you, my manager, my husband and my son – you’re the only reason I do it,” she said from the stage as she accepted the award for Album Of The Year, shortly after her tearful claims that the award should have gone to Beyoncé.

Adele and Simon, who is 14 years her senior, met in 2011 and have one son together, four-year-old Angelo. While intensely private about her personal life for the most part, Adele has spoken numerous times about the positive influence Simon has had on her life.

“I have no desire to be with anyone in show business, because we all have egos. He [Simon]’s not threatened by any stage of my life that I’m going for, and that’s an amazing thing,” she told Vanity Fair last year.

“Simon is already who he is, and I’m still becoming who I’m going to be. He’s confident. He’s perfect.”


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