Finally We Know Why Our Pizza Comes With That Little ‘Table’ On Top

It's called a pizza saver, FYI.

Pizza Saver

Deep pan, stuffed crust or sweet potato base; we’ll take pizza in any form. But there’s one thing we’ve always wondered: um, why does our favourite delivery sometimes come with a little plastic ‘table’ on top?

Here’s the deal: the topper isn’t a dining area for dolls. It’s actually called a pizza saver and it serves a very important purpose, by literally ‘saving’ your pizza from getting wrecked in the box.

Basically, when your yummy Italian feast is sent out for delivery, the heat from the pizza can cause the top of the cardboard box to drop down, ruining your delicious cheesy dish, and probably your night along with it. Sob.

Pizza Meme

According to Gizmodo, in 1985 it was this Very Important Problem that prompted New Yorker and Pizza Lover Carmela Vitale, to patent a three-pronged tripod to sit in the middle to prevent the box from touching your food.

And thus, your pizza should always reach you in the condition it left the oven.

Now, meat lovers or veggie supreme?


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