First Look: Zach Takes Kady To The Terrace And Whitney Questions Medhi

Medhi got...carried away, to say the least.

Things are heating up in tonight’s episode of Love Island, as Zachariah gets cosier with Kady, and Whitney has something to say about Medhi’s movements in the heart-rate challenge. Gulp!

The Heart Rate Challenge certainly got pulses racing, with the Islanders quick to debrief following the night’s events. But Whitney in particular need to air something out.

Mehdi’s decision to kiss four girls during the challenge didn’t go down well (we can’t imagine why!) Speaking among the group, Whitney turns to Mehdi and asks: “Why are you kissing everyone?”

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As Whitney and Mehdi catch-up in private, Whitney says: “How can you not gauge emotional awareness? Every single boy kissed the one they are most interested in.”

Will the two be able to clear the air? Or has the Heart Rate Challenge left the couple questioning more than just their dance moves?

Later in the episode, while chatting in the swimming pool, Zach confides in Mitchel about his feelings for Kady, telling him: “I definitely need to secure a cheeky kiss.”

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Mitchel says: “When the moment arises you’ll know if it’s right or wrong to do. I think tonight go for a chat and go, ‘ah, it’s a bit loud here’, let’s go upstairs to the terrace.”

Later that evening with the couple sitting on the terrace, Zach tells Kady: “I’m definitely glad you picked me as well…I’d almost say I’ve got some nerves which is nice…it’s a weird feeling for me to be honest. I’ve not had nerves in a very, very, very long time.”

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Will Zach pluck up the courage to secure his cheeky kiss?

Eeek! We don’t think we’ve ever been as invested in a season before.

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