Forget Google’s Trend Report – We’ve Made Our Own Fashion Predictions

Our fashion ed Linda Conway is calling BS on Google's trend report. Here's what she reckons will be hot for spring/summer 2015.

Google has released a data report of the trends that are gonna be hot for spring 2015. We get it; it’s based on popularity, but we reckon fashion’s got very little to do with number crunching. Instead, our fashion editor Linda Conway has looked into her crystal ball (read: used her extensive fashion knowledge) to predict what’s really going to be big this season.

They say: Tulle skirts. We say: The Princess Diaries is SO 2001

fringe skirt

We want to look in our wardrobe and be able to wear it, and a full-on tulle skirt just won’t cut it. ’70s is set to remain a huge hit so our money is on a fringed skirt. Trust us, we’ve got a feeling.

They say: Jogger pants. We say: Ankle-grazing tailored trousers

ankle grazers

The ankle is the new erogenous zone, don’cha know. We’re gonna keep our joggers for the lazy days, sure; but it’s ankle-grazers you wanna be spending your euros on.

They say: Emoji everything. We say: Graphic prints

graphic print coat

We love emojis, more than you can imagine. Of course a jumper full of emojis is fun but we’re thinking longevity in our wardrobe. Look to strong graphic prints – they’ll take you right through to next spring/summer.

They say: Neoprene swimsuit. We say: No, thank you

girl in tropcal print bikini

It’s not like we’re #blessed with loads of days laying by the beach in the sun. So, when we’re on our holliers we’re definitely wearing our bikinis. Soz Google, the humble bikini isn’t going anywhere.

They say: Kale sweatshirt. We say: Just eat your greens

blonde in leopard print coat

We’re all for a slogan top, but Bey did the Kale thing and it’s had its moment. Wear a little bit of animal print instead. Cheetah spots, tiger stripes and snakeskin are all high on our list.