FYI: Selling Sunset Season Four Has Officially Been Confirmed

Exactly the news we need of a Friday.


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Where would we be without Selling Sunset this year? It has certainly helped the doom and gloom of 2020, as the perfect escapism we all needed. Well, now for some excellent news – Christine Quinn has confirmed that the fourth season is definitely happening. We’ll give you a moment for a celebration.

Okay, now that we’ve celebrated, let’s get to it. While Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed anything, while speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Christine has. “We’re not back filming now,” she told the show. “But Jason has confirmed we’ve been picked up for another series, but we’re kind of just waiting.

“No one really knows the date and I know filming restrictions are really hard especially in Los Angeles right now with such a big film production, so we’re kind of just waiting,” she added.


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Earlier this year, Jason and Brett Oppenheim all but confirmed the news season too. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, they explained that filming hadn’t started yet, due to (yep, you guessed it) coronavirus.

” No, season 4 hasn’t been filmed, the pandemic has put a dampener on filming right now,” Jason explained.

“[But] we can expect we’ll be moving forward as soon as possible, but filming is very difficult now here in LA… everything has been delayed.” Speaking about who will feature, he added, “Everyone is going to be around.”

Chrishell was also recently asked in an Instagram Q&A if the new season was going ahead, to which she replied, “We have to wait for [Netflix] to give us the official pick up and then we can start shooting. So keep streaming to hurry them up *winking face*.”

Well, there we have it. And now we wait.


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