Gemma Owen Had To Say About *Those* Billy Brown Rumours

Gemma is setting the record straight.


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Love Island’s Gemma Owen has spoken out about rumours that she and Casa Amor boy Billy Brown had a *bit* more going on in the villa than what we saw on our screens! 

Earlier this week, our very own Jack Keating dished out the inside scoop when he made claims that there “was something more” between the pair. 


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Talking to the Sunday World, the Dubliner revealed “there was definitely more flirting going on and some of the lads were like ‘woah’ at points, but it wasn’t too serious where you could actually see them cracking on but there were definitely some moments where you were like Billy and Gemma, you never know, you never know.”


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Well, now Gemma has come out to set the record straight. In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the 19-year-old dressage rider addressed the rumours about her and Billy’s relationship saying “I’d like to set straight that that is not true. I made it very clear to Billy that it was just a friendship thing and that my eyes were only for Luca.”

When asked how she felt about contestants “shading each other” on social media, Gemma replied “I’ve tried to keep out of this as much as possible. I’m not going to be throwing shade on anyone, and I hope no one’s got anything bad to say about me,” adding , “I’m keeping out of all the drama, I just want a nice life!”.

Don’t we all Gemma! 

Words: Ellen Glynn


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