Get Excited – Here’s Everything We Know About Legally Blonde 3

The third movie has been confirmed and we're bend n' snapping with delight!


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Omigod, omigod you guys – Legally Blonde 3 is a runner and we couldn’t be more excited.

The first two movies in the franchise dominated the noughties and now, a whole 17 YEARS later, we’re getting a third instalment.

From the get-go in 2001, we automatically fell in love with Reese Witherspoon’s iconic character Elle Woods, the emphasis on girl power, how friendships are key and most importantly, that Harvard Law School can be like, totally cute too!

Back in 2018, Reese Witherspoon made the first sign that a third film was in the works, recreating an iconic pool float moment from the first movie, when she was trying to get accepted into law school, Reese wrote:

“It’s true….. #LegallyBlone3”

Cue all our obnoxious screams! 


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And now, another two years since the first announcement, we’ve got more juicy details. Firstly, one of the most exciting things is that Mindy Kaling is writing the script. Teaming up with Brooklyn Nine Nine creator Dan Goor, you can be SURE this script will be full of witty comedy and bring Elle up to speed with present day.

Deadline also reported that this time Elle will have an “entirely fresh spin”, with Reese confirming in 2019 that we’ll see her go on a new “hero’s journey” because that’s all we really want from Elle – to see her succeeding and kicking ass.

And as Mindy is writing the script, OG producers Marc Platt and Adam Siegel are back again to produce the third film alongside Reese herself.


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As for director(s) and an official start date – these things are still unclear. It was rumoured that production was meant to begin this month in a world pre-corona, but now, like everything, this start date has been pushed back.

And as for who is to star in the film? Well, Jennifer Coolidge who played Elle’s manicurist Paulette said she’s game, as did Luke Wilson who played the lovable and often overly soppy Emmet and so, it’s looking very likely these two will be back on the screen.

Reese also noted that she’d hope Selma Blair would reprise her role, noting that “they’d all be there” when discussing the third flick to ET last year.

Lastly, if you want an inside into what Legally Blonde 3 will really be like, WELL, get excited because Reese has confirmed that it will be “full of fashion. So full of awesome feminist ideas. It will be global. It will have animals,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. 

One thing’s for sure, we cannot bleedin’ wait.


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