Great News, Cadbury Is Bringing Back The Orange Twirl For A Limited Time Only

The Twirl Orange previously hit the shelves last year and proved insanely popular.

Like marmite, prunes, sardines and the age-old debate about whether or not tuna is an acceptable lunch in a working environment, orange chocolate is just one of those things you’re either for or against.

Be it a delish Terry’s chocolate orange, the two types of gorge orange sweet that come in Roses and Quality Street tins, or a divine (and free) orange crunch choccy that comes with your Butler’s coffee, orange chocolate is one of those things that divides a nation, but those who love it, really love it.

And to those that love it, get ready because Cadbury is bringing back the orange Twirl, the one that was like gold dust last year (and the one we should have stockpiled) because when they say limited edition, it looks like they really mean limited edition.

But thankfully, from mid September the bar will be back to stores across Ireland and so, we don’t have too long to wait before we can enjoy its goodness alongside a cuppa tae.

Nothing beats a Twirl and tea, besides maybe a purple Snack, they’re neck and neck.

And speaking of delish new snacks we’re getting our hands on stat, M&S has launched a range of biscuits – including an orange flavour.

Yes, as part of a new trio of biscuits in store, M&S has revealed its new “all butter milk chocolate and orange cookies”.


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Now, we like the sound of that.

I’m not sure about you, but this gloomy weather has us in the mood to splurge on sweets, anyone else?


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