Greg O’Shea Has Shared His Side Of His Breakup With Amber

"It’s two years ago at this stage but I was getting death threats, hate mail, my friends and family were getting death threats.”

Watching the tanned ‘bombshell’ Greg O’Shea stroll onto our screens to meet Amber Gill for a surprise romantic dinner in the Love Island villa feels like a lifetime ago now, as it does for Greg himself too.

While Greg and Amber appeared to be a match made in heaven at the time of their courtship, things unfortunately soon turned sour between the two – with Greg portrayed as the ‘baddie’ in the situation.

We first heard that the two had called it a day shortly before Greg’s appearance on The Late Late Show, a gig that Amber was set to show up for also. Shortly after the breakup, it was reported that Greg had ended things with Amber via text, vilifying him further.

Staying stum about the situation until now, Greg says he was advised by his management team not to speak about the split. However, telling the MailOnline in detail about what happened between the two, the 26-year-old says that things were portrayed very differently to reality.

He reveals that their split was a mutual decision because Greg wanted to continue his rugby career and training in Ireland while Amber wanted to move to London to collaborate with clothing brands.

The pair discussed their relationship over Facetime and according to Greg agreed to part ways. Greg has revealed that less than an hour later an article was released that accused Greg of dumping Amber over text.

‘When it was all happening I was like, ‘I have screenshots, I can release a statement with screenshots to show people the truth’,” Greg says.

“But it was only going to add fuel to the fire and so I took the brunt of it,” he added.

Following these accusations, Greg said that he and his family received both hate mail and death threats from Amber’s fans.

“I rang her and said “what’s the story? Why would you do that? You know that’s not the truth” and she said, “it wasn’t me, it was my people, they just released it” and she didn’t want it to happen. I said, “well it’s happened and now I look like a terrible person,”

“It went really bad. It’s two years ago at this stage but I was getting death threats, hate mail, my friends and family were getting death threats.”


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Going on to talk about Amber and her fanbase, he said: “Her fans, it’s like an Amber army and I can see why because she has everything going for her but when they turned on me it was very scary. I could deal with it because I had the lads around me, but it was very sad for my mother who got so upset. It got brutal for a while.”

Greg says that the situation caused him to rethink how he wants to live his life going forward, wondering if the glitz and glamour that comes with Love Island fame is worth pursuing after all? To which he decided, no, it wasn’t.

“I was like, do you know what maybe I’m not cut out for this crazy lifestyle, so I tucked myself away back in Ireland and I kept training with the team full time.”

“I went back to the life I had before Love Island so that’s what really helped me to stay mentally strong. But it is really tough, the hate messages are a hard pill to swallow but I think I’ve dealt with it well.”


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Greg is currently thriving here in Ireland, with multiple Irish radio and TV gigs under his belt, he plans to make the Tokyo Olympics this summer with his team and is also currently studying to be a solicitor.

However, the Limerick native is partial to odd bit of glamour, admitting he wouldn’t mind travelling to the UK to pursue career options there.

“I’m thinking about finishing up rugby in the next couple of months and potentially moving to the UK and maybe trying to get back on a TV show like Strictly Come Dancing or I’m A Celebrity- I’d love to do something like that.”

Ah, sure why not?!