Gucci Is Selling Ripped Tights For Over €160 And People Have Thoughts

The worst part is they're already sold out

Via Ssense

Another day, another headline about another frankly ridiculous product designer brand Gucci is flogging.

Earlier in the year we had ‘Culchie Appropriation’ gate when they were selling glorified GAA shorts, and now they’re moving on to tights.

Now, selling tights is nothing new for the luxury brand, in fact, their patterened tights were a huge hit among fashion influencers and followers last year, being hailed as one of the season’s must-have accessories. But, unfortunately we don’t think they’ll be leading the way when it comes to this year’s leg accessories.


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That’s because they’re selling ripped tights. Yes, that’s right, tights with literal holes in them. For €163 you can own your very own pair of ‘distressed tights’ as Gucci is so elegantly putting it.

Spotting it first, Instagram watchdog account Diet Prada posted about the product. Sharing a snap of the tights they simply captioned it:

To whoever paid $190 for these @gucci pre-ripped tights… r u ok? #RippedInItaly

And apt they are, as it seems the tights are in fact now sold out, meaning that people really did fork out almost 200 quid to look like they’re coming to the end of a heavy girls night out.

But, it’s not all bad news, as the post did get a few giggles out of us, here are some  of our faveourite comments from the Instagram choice:

Rich people are so bored lol

* Googles DIY ripped Gucci tights on YouTube *