Hair No More! Zayn Malik Has Shaved Off His Beard And Twitter Can’t Even

Do you prefer his new clean shaven look?

Zayn Malik

You know you’re an A-list star when the simple act of altering your appearance sends the internet into meltdown.

That’s exactly what happened when Zayn Malik, grabbed his razor, and wacked of his gorgeous, grizzly beard.

Debuting his new freshly shaven look on Instagram, Zayn didn’t write a caption on the pic and instead let his fans do the talking.

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Which of course they did, all over social media.

So far it seems the reactions are mixed.

Some thought his new look was only gorgeous…

While others weren’t quite as impressed…

Our verdict? We reckon his new look is pretty ridey. What do you think?


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