Heartbreaking Caroline Flack Documentary Leaves Viewers In Tears

The hour-long documentary aired last night

A new Channel 4 documentary exploring the life and tragic death of TV presenter Caroline Flack aired last night. Titled ‘Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death’ investigated struggles, both secret and public, speaking with her close friends and family to tell their side of the story.

The hour-long documentary shows Caroline’s life from when she was a young girl. Delving back, home videos of her singing as a child can be seen.

Moving on, the documentary then also delves into the events which took place in the lead up to her tragic passing, including her arrest for an alleged assault on her boyfriend and stepping down from her Love Island gig.

In one candid admission, Caroline’s mum and sister speak about the star’s past heartbreaks and her inability to cope.

“She had a long relationship when she was in Cambridge but that ended and then we got a call, she’d taken some pills, she spent time in hospital and then you could tell it wasn’t right, her reaction wasn’t right,” said Caroline’s mum.

Admitting from that moment on she worried about her daughter’s mental health and wellbeing she continued:

“Yeah, she didn’t handle heartbreak well. We went through all the doctors and they saw to her and thought no it’s just a one-off but there was always that fear after that then.”

Caroline’s sister Jody added: “It feels so weird talking about it because I know it’s something she never wanted anybody to know about”

“Each serious boyfriend, she sort of took a lot of tablets, drank a lot, and ended up in an A&E situation a lot of times. She really didn’t think she could cope with that feeling so it was her trying to control it.”

In the end, Caroline’s mum shared her intent for making the documentary, revealing that she wanted her daughter’s memory to be a good one.

“I wanted to show Carrie in a positive light. I wanted all the last months of the things that were written about her and said about her, her being an abuser, and things like that, they’re the things that stuck and got repeated and I just wanted to show she was an ordinary girl, that wasn’t her.”

Soon after the documentary landed on Channel 4 viewers took to Twitter to share their heartache over Caroline’s story.


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