Here’s How The Kardashians Get Over Their ‘Brutal’ Fights

And boy have they had quite a few

Khloe Kardashian has shared how she and her sisters get over the major blowups they have – even the most heated ones.

We’ve kept up with them for the decade, and that includes all of their spats (who could forget this one), but as bad as they may seem to others, Khloe reassures us that they always get over them in the end.

“My sisters have gotten into some brutal, literally punching fights,” she began.

“But you get over it—there’s no other option.”

Khloe goes on to say that although family members may disagree from time to time, there’s room for that.

“As kids, family was always at the core of every conversation. No matter what, you support one another. You’re allowed to argue and disagree. I could never imagine not speaking to one of my sisters. It just doesn’t happen.”


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Now the Kardashian sisters all have children of their own, and Khloe says that they’re raising them to be more like siblings than cousins.

“We’re raising the cousins to almost feel like they’re siblings. I don’t care if they disagree—that’s inevitable. And, of course, I want them to talk through their feelings and feel validated. But there’s just no option for us to be separated and not talk to one another”

It’s probably just as well that the family have been brought up to never take much to heart, as Kim made short work of the whole Klan during her SNL performance last weekend.

From her momager to her stepdad Caitlyn, no stone was left unturned on the night. You can read all about our favourite bits here.



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