Here’s The Bridgerton Recap You Need Before S2 Drops

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Of course, Bridgerton is set in the Regency era, but these days it feels like it premiered then too.

All right, that might be a bit dramatic, but to be fair, the show premiered in 2020. Bursting onto our screens on Christmas day, going viral, starting fashion trends, influencing music, and getting everyone hooked on the ton and their drama.

But then…nothing! Everyone has been patiently awaiting the show’s return for well over a year, and it is finally in sight. This Friday, the 25th of March, Bridgerton will return to Netflix and our hearts.

But a lot of time has passed since that first season, and well… the details are a bit hazy. So what actually did happen in season one?

It began as the ton, the aristocrats of London society, prepared for the debutante ceremony when young women of marriable age were introduced to society. We are introduced to The Bridgerton household, which consists of mother Violet and her children Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Eldest daughter Daphne is making her debut this season.

Also debuting are the Featherington girls Prudence, Philipa, and Penelope. Although Penelope doesn’t want to, wishing to wait till next year like her friend Eloise.


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Daphne makes the perfect impression during her debut, receiving praise from Queen Charlotte, making her the most in-demand debutante. While the Featheringtons are not so lucky, having a disastrous debut.

A new gossip sheet, written by the mysterious Lady Whistledown, appears the next day, providing gossip about the ton and praising Daphne. While it should be easy for Daphne to find a good match, her oldest brother Anthony makes it impossible, scaring away any possible suitors.

While at the Featherington household, a distant cousin Marina Thompson comes to stay with them for the season. She proves popular with the ton, including Colin, and Lady Whistledown declares Marina the star of the season instead of Daphne. But things are complicated when Lady Featherington discovers Marina is pregnant. She and Penelope bond, and it is revealed that the baby’s father was a boy named George who left to fight in the war.

Meanwhile, Daphne struggles to make a match as Anthony tries to set her up with a man she hates. Doing so as he feels responsible for the family, which causes him to end his affair with singer Siena Rosso.

Anthony’s friend the mysterious Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, returns to London to settle his family’s affairs following his father’s death. But his single status and high ranking title (and also the fact he is played by Regé-Jean Page), means he is constantly pestered with invitations as the eligible women of the ton attempt to secure a courtship.

Noticing their predicaments, Simon and Daphne decide to begin a fake courtship. Allowing Daphne to appear in demand and taking Simon off the market. Because that is always a sound plan that never results in people catching feelings, like never ever.

Their plan works perfectly, but as Daphne and Simon bond during their fake outings, shockingly…they catch feelings. But Simon begins to feel guilty taking up Daphne’s time when she should be looking for a real match and ends the relationship. The Queen sets Daphne up with her nephew Prince Friedrich of Prussia, and they begin a courtship.

Meanwhile, Marina receives a letter from George claiming he doesn’t love her. But, unknown to Marina, it was written by Lady Featherington, who wants her to get married quickly and save the family from scandal.

While Anthony, missing Siena, attempts to rekindle their romance. But fails as Siena is not interested after he broke her heart.

Benedict, wanting to become an artist, meets Henry Granville and begins spending time with him. At one of Henry’s parties, Benedict discovers Henry has a male lover, and meets dressmaker Genevieve, having a threesome with her and another woman. After the party, Benedict discovers Henry has a wife, Lucy, who was the other woman in the threesome.

Marina is introduced to an older suitor in an attempt to be married off quickly, but she is saved by Colin, who rescued her from the awful date. The pair begin to bond, much to Penelope’s dismay, as she also has feelings for him.


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Prince Friedrich and Daphne grow closer, but she struggles with her feelings for Simon. On the night when Friedrich plans to propose, a stressed Daphne flees to the garden where she meets Simon, who came to say goodbye. The pair are seen alone together, which could cause a massive scandal. To avoid ruin, Anthony challenges Simon to a duel to defend Daphne’s honour.

Not wanting anyone to get hurt, Daphne suggests she and Simon get married to avoid controversy, and the pair wed quickly. After which, they confess their true feelings for each other, and Daphne learns Simon cannot have kids. Meanwhile, Eloise begins to investigate Lady Whistledowns identity.

Colin, still unaware of the baby, proposes to Marina, but plans on a longing engagement, which due to her pregnancy, wouldn’t suit. The Bridgerton family is unhappy with their engagement, while a jealous Penelope tells Colin that Marina is in love with someone else. But he doesn’t care, claiming that is the past.

The Queen, who hates Lady Whistledown, supports Eloise’s investigation of her identity.

While newlyweds Simon and Daphne go to their country estate…getting to know each other while a string quartet version of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams plays. Daphne struggles to fit in, and Simon worries about his tenants. Once Daphne finds her place, she bonds with the staff and discovers that Simon can have children but chooses not to. Angry after her discovery, Daphne assaults Simon, causing a lot of tension between them.

Lady Whistledown then reveals Marina’s pregnancy, shocking the ton and Colin.

Daphne and Simon, while still on bad terms, return to London to help her family after Colin is caught up in Marina’s scandal. She organises a chaperoned visit for Marina and Colin, allowing them to discuss their relationship with Colin, saying he never wanted to see her again.

Daphne continues to try and help Marina, seeing if she can track down the baby’s father. But Marina decides to try and end her pregnancy, causing her to collapse.

Benedict finally talks to Henry about that night, with Henry revealing he only married Lucy to stay safe and does not love her or mind that she and Benedict were together.

The Featheringtons’ reputation is ruined after Lady Whistledown’s reveal. They are uninvited from events and removed from the Queen’s luncheon. Seeing how challenging her friend Penelope’s life now is, Eloise intensifies her attempts at discovering Lady Whistledown’s identity. Coming to the conclusion that it was Genevieve.

Daphne discovers she isn’t pregnant and learns how difficult Simon’s childhood was, the cruelty of his father, and his reason for not wanting children, which is to spite his father. She and Simon plan to live separate lives due to the tension, but they still harbour feelings for each other.


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Marina believes her attempt to end the pregnancy had worked and was recovering when she received a visit from Phillip, George’s brother. He reveals that George had died in battle and delivers a letter George wrote to Marina before his death, where he confesses his love for her, promising they would get married and raise their child together. Phillip then proposes to Marina, saying it is his duty to care for her in honour of his brother.

Marina declines, believing she is no longer pregnant and not his responsibility anymore. But when she feels the baby move, she realises she is still with child and accepts his proposal, leaving to live with him.

Lord Featherington, still struggling with the scandal and his vast debts, decides to rig a boxing match and earn some money. He is successful but is murdered by the bookies for fixing the game. Leaving the Featheringtons with an uncertain future as their home has been inherited by a mysterious heir.

Simon spends time with Daphne’s many younger siblings and grows fond of them, making him reconsider his choice to not have children. The pair reconcile, and in a flashforward, it is revealed that they have a son together.

Penelope plans on telling Colin about her feelings for him. But before she can, he thanks her for trying to warn him about Marina and announces he is leaving to travel across Europe.

Anthony tries one more time to rekindle his romance with Siena, but she rejects him again. Causing him to declare he will marry soon but not for love.

Eloise realises Genevieve is not Lady Whisledown, and tired of Eloise’s slow investigation, The Queen sets up her own trap. Eloise, curious about Lady Whistledown’s identity but not wanting to stop her writing, decides to foil the Queen’s plan.


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Going to the printing press where Lady Whistledown prints her pamphlets, she warns Lady Whistledown’s approaching carriage that guards are waiting to capture her, allowing the carriage to turn away quickly.

While Eloise never got to see who was in the carriage, the audience did. And in a shock twist that broke the internet, it is revealed that Penelope is Lady Whistledown.

As for what season two has in store, we know it will focus on Anthony’s love life. As he meets and falls for the new character Kate Sharma. Who will be played by Sex Education star Simone Ashley. Kate isn’t the only new character to be introduced as a whole heap of new faces will be joining the ton.

Including Edwina Sharma, Kate’s younger sister, played by Charithra Chandran. As well as, Mary Sharma, Kate’s mother, played by Shelley Conn. Along with Theo Sharpe, a hardworking printer’s assistant played by Calam Lynch.

However, we’re not just gaining some new characters, but unfortunately losing some old ones as the Duke of Hastings Simon, played by Regé-Jean Page, won’t be returning for the second season.

No matter what happens, we know Bridgerton will bring the drama anyway.

Words by Sláine McKenna 


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