Here’s The Release Date For Riverdale Season 5

Plus everything we know about the series' return so far

If there’s one thing we need this year it’s total escapism TV, where you can flick it on and get totally emersed in the story and forgot about anything else that’s going on.

This is why Riverdale has been such a welcomed show over the last few months, even if it meant watching older seasons or starting the whole thing again.

Now that we’ve nearly watched everything Netflix has to offer, we’re relieved to know that we finally have a date for when season 5 is coming to the streaming service.

Netflix has announced this week that the show would return on January 21st.

Production of Riverdale was brought to a halt back in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning that the fourth season was a few episodes short. While this wasn’t ideal at the time, it does mean we’re in for a treat in season 5.

The new season will actually be even longer than previous ones, with the storyline for s4 picking up in these new episodes.

There’ll be quite a time jump between episodes too, as it’ll follow the gang’s graduation and their prom as they leave Riverdale High, before jumping forward seven years into the future.

The cast and crew are resumed filming in September, by quarantining for two weeks in Vancouver and all remaining there for the duration of the series.

So, you know what to do now, mark your calendars!


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