Here’s What Harry And Meghan Were Giggling About In That Beautiful Photo From The Royal Wedding

It was captured in about three minutes, which is half the time we need to take one good selfie.

Who among us did not swoon when we saw the gorgeous official photos from the royal wedding – especially that candid shot of the pair of lovebirds giggling on some steps?

We did wonder what they were laughing about, and now we do, because official royal wedding photographer Alex Lubomirski has spilled the beans.

Alex was mentored by fashion photographer Mario Testino, and is no stranger to royals, being a prince himself. Yep, he learned at the age of 11 that his father’s side of the family are Polish royalty – however, they’ve got no palaces or fortune, just a title. Still, a prince is a prince.

He told the BBC how that gorgeous shot on the steps came about:

It was just one of those magical moments when you’re a photographer and everything falls into place. I said, “Just before you go in, sit on those stairs”. And she just slumped in between his legs and there was this moment where they were just laughing because they were exhausted and thinking it’s finally all over.

The photo was captured in the a few minutes the couple were able to steal away after the ceremony, carriage procession, and group portraits.

“We went out there and had about three and a half minutes to take some quick shots because everything was running like clockwork,” said Alex.

As for those charming group photos – he tried very hard to keep them all from looking ‘regimented and linear’, as is so often the case in royal photoshoots.

He previously revealed that he got the kids to smile and play along by shouting “Who likes Smarties?” before he took the shot.

The photos certainly do a lovely job of portraying the family as, well, an actual family. Bualadh bos, Alex.


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