Here’s What Zayn Has Apparently Told Gigi About Those Rumours He Cheated With Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber reportedly accused Zayn and Selena of cheating, while he and the singer were still together.

Zayn and Gigi

When Selena Gomez allegedly started an Instagram row with Justin Bieber, accusing him of cheating on her while they were together, the Biebs was quick to return the accusations and said that she had hooked up with Zayn Malik during the course of their relationship.

But now that Zayn has been dragged into this whole complicated drama, what effect will it have on his on-again, off-again relationship with Gigi?

Well, according to a source, he’s been putting her mind at ease since the accusations came out.

Chatting to Hollywood Life exclusively the source explained that “The only woman on Zayn’s mind is Gigi,” and he’s claiming those rumours are total BS.

“He’s made it clear to her as well that nothing ever happened between him and Selena,” the source adds. “Zayn thinks the cheating rumour is ridiculous. He’s only ever been friends with Selena and that’s it.”

But if the rumours about Zayn and Selena aren’t true, why would Justin (if the screenshots of his comments really are legit) start the rumour in the first place?

We don’t know, but one thing’s for certain: if Justin’s accusations come out to be true, things are gonna get very, very messy indeed.


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