Here’s Why Fans Think Gemma Owen Has Fallen Out With An Islander

Are these Love Island stars feuding?


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Love Island might be all about the drama, but this year there is just as much chaos off-screen as there was on-screen. With the latest being between Gemma Owen and Paige Thorne.

The gals got along well in the villa, even staying friends after Paige coupled up with Gemma’s ex-boyfriend Jacques.

But not it looks like there is a rift between the former islanders. Fans first noticed something was wrong when Paige left Gemma off a list of those from the show that she is close to. The Welsh paramedic also dodged a question about if she liked Gemma the least, during a drinking game, opting to take a shot instead.

And now fans think Gemma might have subtly responded to the rumours.


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During a Q&A on her YouTube channel, Gemma opened up about people throwing shade, letting it be known that she wasn’t impressed by it.

Saying: “My opinion on this is I don’t really get it to be honest. You know especially on social media I don’t see why other girls or anyone they’d feel the need to put someone else down to make themselves feel or look better.”

“I’ve never got it or understood it. Especially in this industry, especially on social media people would prefer to say something negative than something nice. It’s quite messed up.”

She also didn’t mention Paige when asked who she was close to outside the villa. Saying: “Out of the girls, all of the girls I was in the final with I was close with. I got on with Tash and Ekin. All of the girls, really. The final girls. Antigoni as well.”


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This comes after Paige confirmed her split from Love Island beau Adam Collard.

Appearing on the Saving Grace podcast with TikTok star Grace Kelly and Paige confirmed they were over.

When host Grace brought up those infamous videos of Adam with his arm around a girl in McDonalds Paige admitted she tried to justify his actions at first, but there were even more videos sent to her privately that made her end things completely.

Explaining Paige said, “It’s not just them videos, there are other videos that other people don’t know about, so it’s a lot more to the story. Of other people, on the same night, in different locations…”