Here’s Why Rob Kardashian Wasn’t At Kourtney’s Wedding

Where Kourtney's only brother was on her wedding day...

We know what Scott was up to and why Pete wasn’t there, but where was Kourtney’s brother on her wedding day?

We all know Rob Kardashian is the king of low-key and really hasn’t been seen in public for years. The only boy in the Kardashian Jenner clan is not a fan of the spotlight and even stepped back from being a regular on their show in 2013.

But it’s not only public events Rob isn’t fond of he has missed many family occasions, for fear of getting too much attention in the press, tbf their events do get a lot of attention.

According to US Weekly, an insider said, although Kourtney’s brother wanted to be there to celebrate, it could have been too much for him.

“He is still very much private and prefers low-key celebrations where there aren’t a lot of photographers…He doesn’t like being in the spotlight. The whole affair would have been too much for him,” they said.

“He loves his sister very much and is so happy for her and Travis. He will celebrate with her in LA,” the insider revealed.


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This isn’t the first time Rob hasn’t attended one of his sister’s weddings, back in 2014 he decided to not attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West last minute, after flying to Paris and doing fittings.

Rumour has it that Kourtney will have ANOTHER celebration in LA for friends and family who were not at her intimate celebration, maybe Rob will make an appearance at this!

We are looking forward to seeing which celebs attend the fourth wedding celebration, as we still don’t know why Caitlyn Jenner was absent from the Italian wedding as well as (former?) bestie to Kourtney, Addison Rae…

Roll on the after, after party!



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