Here’s Why Rob Kardashian Wiped All Traces Of Blac Chyna From His Social Media

Trouble in paradise? Kinda...

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They’re engaged and expecting their first child together, but it seems Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are going through something of a rough patch right now.

After Rob reportedly unfollowed Blac on Instagram last night before deleting all photos of her – and indeed, all photos of anything, including his new slimmer physique – from his feed, people unsurprisingly began to speculate that the couple had parted ways.

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Now though, a source has confirmed that the expectant parents are still together, though they’re finding their feet again after a pretty big bust-up.

According to Us Weekly‘s insider, the fight stemmed mainly from the filming commitments for the couple’s new E! show, Rob & Chyna. However they’re NOT broken up, and things are on the mend.

“They didn’t break up, they had a fight,” the source revealed. “They fought and then started talking again yesterday. It was just a fight.”

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As for Blac, her Instagram remained pretty much unchanged, so either she was taking the high road… or she was in the doghouse, right? Well, kinda. It seems Rob was the one who kicked things off – hence the Instagram clearout – but the argument wasn’t exactly Blac’s fault.

“It was from the pressure of filming the show and everything moving too fast. Rob is just not used to filming again, and it’s been hard on him,” the source adds.

“Everything with Chyna is moving so fast. … She’s a single parent and filming the show and all of her other work commitments, so Rob has been feeling neglected by her. She has also been doing things on her own a lot with her girlfriends.

“He was just feeling neglected, and he always gets emotional and deletes things on social media when that happens… But things are fine now.”

It’s not the first time Rob has purged his social media to make a point. Last year he removed all posts from his account, just days after posting an image of Rosamund Pike and comparing his big sister Kim to “the bitch from Gone Girl.”

Kim later said it was simply Rob trying to be “funny.”

Somehow we doubt Blac would take that kind of criticism quite so well…


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