How To Say ‘Thank You’ To Dads & Grandads This Father’s Day

STELLAR PROMOTION: Remind them that you care with a gift from FUJIFILM

Father’s Day is just around the corner.

A day for treating the father figure in your life – whether that’s your dad, grandad, or someone else – June 16th is the perfect time to reach out, spread the love and remind them that you care.

Whether you’re a child looking for some gifting for dad, or someone hoping to treat their grandparent this year, there’s an array of special gifts you can choose from – all from FUJIFILM!

After all, a cherished memory is one that you can keep forever, and FUJIFILM are good at ensuring your memories stay unforgettable.

Here are some personalised photo gift ideas just perfect for this Father’s Day.

Personalised mug

Say ‘I love you’ this Father’s Day with a gorgeous personalised mug with a heart shaped handle.

Let your dad remember your special memories together each time he takes a sip of tea!

Photo cushion

Say thank you for the love and support over the years with a gift for him to rest his head…

FUJIFILM’s photo cushions aren’t just comfortable, they’re also a constant reminder of the love you share.

Personalised teddy bear

Bring your special memories to life… and have them immortalised in a teddy bear!

Your dad probably bought you a teddy when you were young, so now it’s your turn to get him a customisable photo bear – adorable!

Canvas print

Hold your photos in your hand, not just on your phone, this Father’s Day.

Order your dad or grandad a canvas print, photo block, or simple framed photo they can display proudly for years.

You can order all of these gifts and more now from the comfort of your own home, by going online to, or by downloading the FUJIFILM Imagine App.

The app lets you create your photo gift in minutes, and fast and reliable shipping ensures it arrives in time for any occasion.

Or you can pop into the FUJIFILM store and bring your creativity to life. It’s sure to be a Father’s Day to remember!

Prices from as little as €4.99 but please check with your local retailer as prices may vary.