Hugh Grant Has Responded To Boris Johnson’s Love Actually Parody Video

"One of the cards... Boris Johnson didn't hold up was the one saying "Because at Christmas you tell the truth"

Sorry to drop the ‘B’ bomb of a Tuesday afternoon, but it’s time to talk about Brexit, well that and Hugh Grant, which makes it a little more bearable tbh.

Huh Grant has just responded to Boris John’s Love Actually parody video, created to boost his political campaign, and it’s safe to say he’s none too pleased about the spoof.

In the video posted to Conservative party YouTube channel, Boris recreated that famous scene from Love Actually where Andrew Lincoln declares his love for Keira Knightley using white placards with messages written on them.

Clearly a fan of the scene, Boris used the same sentiment to convey his political message, with his placards reading notes like:

“With any luck, by next year we’ll have Brexit done (if Parliament doesn’t block it again)”

and “We only need 9 more seats to get a majority,”.

But, Hugh Grant, who has been vocal in encouraging voters to vote tactically to unseat Tories in the election has had his say on the spoof campaign video, sarcastically pointing out that Bori’s video isn’t all that true to the original.

Appearing on BBC Radio 4 today Hugh said:

“I did notice that one of the cards from the original film that he didn’t hold up was the one where Andrew Lincoln help up a card saying “Because at Christmas, you tell the truth.”

Continuing to add salt to the wound, Hugh added:

“I thought it was quite well done, very high production values, Clearly the Conservative party have an awful lot of money. Maybe that’s where all the rubles went?”.

Speaking further on his own political stance, Hugh shared that he’s staunchly anti Brexit, and believes that a no-deal Brexit would result in carnage for the UK.

“We’ll get a catastrophe of a no-deal Brexit with hundreds of thousands of job losses, food shortages, medicine shortages, end of peach in Northern Ireland, massive blow to our standing, our influence in the world etc etc. And I think that I need to do whatever modest thing I can to try and stop that.”