“I Believe In Forgiveness” Sam Thompson Speaks Out After Rekindling Romance With Zara McDermott

The two have been dating again in secret


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It’s been a rocky road for Made In Chelsea fans recently. When we saw Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott’s break-up play out on screen we were absolutely hooked, on the show, it transpired that Love Island star Zara had been unfaithful to Sam in the early stages of their relationship, and desperate to continue to make things work, Zara has been pulling out all the stops to win Sam back. And just when you thought things were settling down between the two after parting ways – you need think again.

Rumours surrounding the two rekindling their romance has been following them for weeks now, with sources left right and centre saying that they are again very much an item. This has now been confirmed by Sam, who has said that he has indeed forgiven Zara.


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Speaking with MailOnline Sam explained why he decided to give Zara another chance:

“I believe in forgiveness. I understand the context – and I think in any walk of life you can’t move forward unless you forgive,” he said.

“Forgiveness allows you to heal. You can only heal when you forgive the other person and get over that.”

Continuing on, Sam gave some advice for other people who may be going through the same as he did:

“I would definitely say no matter what you should always try to forgive and you’ll feel better in yourself – it’s f***ing easier said than done but you’ve got to strive for that.”

“The people I care about caring about me will know we’re all human. We are all human and you can’t grow and evolve and be a better person without making mistakes along the way.”

“For that to be shown on TV, it almost humanises you and makes you more relatable.”

Relatable? Sure. But very entertaining TV? Definitely.


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Going on to confirm the above statement, Sam admitted that viewing figures for the show have been nothing short of ‘great’ over the last few weeks with their storyline playing out.

“I have signed up to it (Made In Chelsea). You have to take the good with the bad. A lot of people know my life to such an extent that they want to tune in at 9pm on a Monday,” he said.

“I have massive respect for the producers they really listen to you. The producers and execs I am working with have shown my story correctly, so I don’t care”

“I do find it cool that people are invested in my life. From what I’ve heard the viewing figures are great!”


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