“I Didn’t Feel Prettier. I Didn’t Feel Better” Molly Mae On Why She Dissolved Her Filler

"Filler had made me feel worse"

Molly Mae has opened up about her journey with having her lip filler dissolved.

The 23-year-old has documented her journey with having face filler dissolved. Beginning with lip filler at the age of 18. Molly Mae says she continued to have ‘god knows’ injected after her stint on Love Island back in 2019.

Eventually reaching a breaking point, Molly Mae says she decided to call it a day with dermal fillers when she received a bout of hate online after a vlog she uploaded went viral.Molly-Mae Hague looks like a 'different person' after getting fillers dissolved - Liverpool Echo

In an excerpt from her memoir ‘Becoming Molly-Mae’ she said:

“It looked horrendous. Someone took a screenshot from that video and it went viral. ‘What’s Molly done to her face?’ I was the response. I was mortified”

Continuing on, Molly-Mae says why she regretted her filler, admitting that it didn’t help her in any pursuit of happiness.

“The reality was that my once-sharp jawline had jowls hanging underneath, my lips felt lumpy, uneven and unnatural”


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“I didn’t feel prettier. I didn’t feel better. Filler had made me feel worse”