“I Have To Make A Living” Dan Osborne Has Defended Promoting Products On His Instagram

"I have to feed my kids and pay my bills"


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Dan Osborne has defended his use of adverts and paid promotions on his Instagram page, admitting that the current crisis has hit his income hard.

Doing a Q&A on his Instagram stories, Dan received messages from people commenting on his promotional work lately.

Dan said that a lot of the comments he receives lately go something like “I love seeing your family, your lego, your fitness but the ads are a bit too much”, he took to opportunity to explain why he has been flogging more products than usual.

“So I just wanted to explain a bit about it. I understand if you’re not interested… if there’s an advertisement and you’re not interested in it, just swipe across, you don’t have to watch it”

“It’s a part of my job, I’ll only advertise things I know are good and I know people are happy with. (I need to) feed my kids and pay my bills just like everyone else.”


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A post shared by Dan Osborne (@danosborneofficial) on

Going on to speak about coronavirus and the financial impact it’s had on Dan and his income, he added:

“And in this hard time it’s hit me, it’s hit everyone. My tattoo shop is shut and it’s been shut for months now. All these things going on my life at the moment as well. People assume that because you’ve been on TV once, that you’re rich”

“No! I have to make a living as well.”

It’s reported that Dan’s wife Jacqueline had temporarily moved out of their home in order to work on their marriage. The two have since been seen putting their differences aside for their two children, Ella and Mia, with the whole family most recently spending Father’s day together.



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