Insta Creep: Kylie Jenner Gave Us A Closer Look At That Ring On Her Wedding Finger…

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my angel baby is 1 month old today

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Remember last week when Kylie Jenner posted the photos of Stormi and we were like, “Nice baby, but what’s the ring about”? Well now we know.

The new mam posted a close-up of the ring (placed on her engagement finger totally innocently and not to invite any speculation, we’re sure) on Snapchat – it features the initials JW, which stand for boyfriend Travis Scott’s real name Jacques Webster, as well as Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s best mate.

That’s actually kind of sweet? Kylie + Jordyn forever.

You know who else is forever? Cheryl + Nicola + Kimberly.

The Girls Aloud gals rented out a screen for themselves on International Women’s Day yesterday to watch Black Panther together, which is a baller move. Somewhere, Nadine and Sarah are like, “YEAH. FINE. DO THAT.”

Kat Von D’s husband got her full name tattooed on his face for her birthday. Very chill.

The tattoo artist married her boyfriend of a few months, musician Leafar Seyer (AKA Prayers), two weeks ago – and he’s made the whole thing very permanent by having ‘Katherine’ inked on his jawline as a surprise to her. Must be going well? You’d hope.

In case you missed Rihanna’s International Women’s Day message from her Story:

Concise and to the point!

And now it’s time for… #SponConCorner

*Sponcon = sponsored content. Who’s flogging what? And WHY?

We understand that this is a few days old now, but we’re still not over the fact that Drew Barrymore is shilling for Crocs. Drew! CROCS!


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