Irish Fans React As Elle Magazine Declare It To Be ‘Hot Irish Guy Summer’

"It’s always Hot Irish Guy summer in my house."


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We’ve had summertime sadness, hot girl summer, and even single girl summer, but now a new seasonal theme has been chosen.

As the US edition of Elle Magazine has declared it to be hot Irish guy summer.

“Long overshadowed by their British neighbors, these attractive men are finally getting their due,” their article declared.

The magazine picked some of Ireland’s biggest stars and gave them superlatives. Colin Farrell
was named The Socially Active Irish Hottie due to his avid support of the current SAG-AFTRA strike.

Cillian Murphy was dubbed The Unsettling Irish Hottie after his performance as the creator of the atomic bomb in Oppenheimer.

Pierce Brosnan was given the title of The Irish Zaddy, owing to his cult following at 70 years old.

Paul Mescal was selected as The Sadboy Irish Hottie, as they praised his performance in Normal People. Although they did claim Gaelic football to be soccer while discussing his recent appearance on BBC Sports at the All-Ireland final.

Daryl McCormack took home the title of The Multi-Hyphenate Irish Hottie, as he has such range in his acting career, which has landed him a BAFTA and a 2023 Chopard Trophy.

And finally Hozier was honoured as The Musical Irish Hottie, which is pretty self-explanatory, as he is one of the biggest music artists around.

Naturally Irish Twitter (or X now??) was abuzz discussing the article.

While in Elle’s comment section, one fan said: “Sales of silver chains and GAA shorts seen soaring after this.”

While someone else joked: “It always has been. Way to get with the times.”

Another fan wrote: “Absolutely yes it is and yes it absolutely has always been.”

But readers were disappointed to see some Irish stars weren’t given a mention.

In particular, Niall Horan fans were not happy that the Mullingar man was snubbed.

“Leaving niall horan out of this is illegal I’m calling the cops,” one person commented.

“Put some respect on Niall right this second,” someone else said.

“I can’t accept any Irish list without Niall,” a third person wrote.

While other fans questioned Barry Keoghan, Michael Fassbender, and Andrew Scott’s absence.

Commenters also suggested Jamie Dornan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers deserved a mention, but the article did acknowledge them in its introduction, saying: “remember, Jamie Dornan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers walked so these men could run.”