Is Taylor Swift Collabing With Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Bad Bunny? this what happens when you just call Taylor up?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to high-profile collaborations, having worked with Lana Del Raye, The Chicks, Phoebe Bridgers, Ed Sheeran, and that’s just to name a few.

But is another mega-collab in the works? Well, possibly! As the songstress was seen leaving the studio with rapper Bad Bunny.

The pair made waves when they stopped for photos together at The Grammys this year, and since then fans have been hoping for a collab between the pair, and something might be in the works.

Taylor has been taking a mini-break from touring for the past few weeks, and when not attending Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley’s wedding, she has been spotted hitting up the Electric Lady Studios in New York City.

During her last session, Bad Bunny was seen in the same studio, and the pair were pictured leaving around the same time. And of course, in true Swiftie style, fans put their detective hats on and spotted some clues as to a possible collab.

Earlier this year, Bad Bunny made an appearance in the WWE ring, and had the number 13 on his shirt. Which for those who don’t know is Taylor’s lucky number and features heavily in her artistry.

Neither have confirmed any upcoming music together, so is it all a coincidence? Should we get ready for a track that is sure to break Spotify? Only time will tell.

Taylor Swift


But Taylor and Bad Bunny being some of the biggest artists of this decade isn’t the only reason a collaboration would capture attention, as Taylor and Bad Bunny’s new girlfriend, Kendall Jenner famously don’t get along.

The pair fell out in 2016, when the Taylor/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West drama took center stage, and Kendall tweeted in support of her sister Kim.

Prior to that, both Kendall and Taylor were apart of the infamous squad, and Kendall even appeared on stage during Taylor’s Hyde Park concert. Although Kim would later claim her sister and Taylor “were never friends” while speaking on Watch What Happens Live.

But could their beef cause trouble and stop any possible collab? Well, Kendall and Taylor still share many mutual friends such as Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, so a Bad Bunny duet isn’t out of the question. Plus Taylor collabed with Pete Davidson for an SNL parody song, while he and Kim were in the midst of their romance. So watch this space!