Is Uma The Real MVP Of The Villa?

STELLAR PROMOTION: Hear me out, okay!

This year on Love Island, the bombshells have been bombshelling. 

They’re coming in there, they’re breaking couples up, and they’re looking absolutely stunning while doing it.

One of this summer’s first bombshells was Uma Jammeh. A VIP host and model (obviously), she landed in that villa and immediately shook things up.

She was fiery, she was self assured, she was ready to steal Ayo before the situation became too complicated and she simply had to bow out.

Rather than forcing herself into a situation where she was fighting for a man’s attention, she decided it wasn’t worth her time. She had foresight. She knew.

What’s more is that during this ever-so-brief triangle, she and Mimii still hung out. They were still seen chatting, laughing, bigging each other up, despite the Ayo shaped elephant in the room.

This is a gal who knows what she wants, and isn’t about to isolate potential female friendship to get it. A girl’s girl, if you will.

Uma also likes to take things slow – a rarity on Love Island.

The boys have literally been crawling all over her, but she’s taking her time. At the time of writing she’s coupled up with Wil. She really likes him, you can tell.

And yet, she’s adamant that she doesn’t want to kiss him yet because she’s a “slow burner.” She’s got enough self assurance to know that if someone is right for her, they will wait.

Honestly, fair play.


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Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Uma is an advocate for nicknames. Cringe nicknames.

Mims, Yoyo, Wilbo… if Uma likes you, she will give you a nickname. It’ll be mildly embarrassing, but also kinda cute, no?

More of her unbothered energy in that villa, please.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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