It’s Back, Lads! We Finally Know When Season 5 Of Orange Is The New Black Is Going To Land On Netflix

We've been waiting for agessss.


Could we be more excited right now?

Netflix has just announced some major news regarding one of their best ever originals Orange Is The New Black.

Season four hit our screens last June and we were all left devo after that crazy finale had us wondering how in the hell the next series was going to pick up. We want answers, goddammit!

Now, the Netflix gods have answered our prayers and revealed that the show will be available to steam on the 9th of June.


(Psst! Haven’t finished season four yet? This video contains spoilers.)

Other deets about the new season have emerged too.

Danielle Brooks who plays Taystee told E! News that this time around all 13 episodes of the series will take place over just three days.

“It will be very detailed, very intense. You better get ready, get your popcorn, your tissues,” she confirmed.

Danielle Brooks Tastee

Ahh! We can’t wait.

With a June release date now in place that gives us four months to speculate about what’s in store for the ladies of Litchfield after everything that went down in season four.

Here’s our theories about what’s going to happen. Got some theories of your own? Hit us up on Twitter @stellarmagazine.