Jacques O’Neill Opens Up About His Feelings For Ex Paige Thorne

Could they rekindle their romance outside the Love Island villa?


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Jacques O’Neill is opening up about his current feelings for ex Paige Thorne.

The pair hit it off in the Love Island villa this summer, but their romance was cut short after Jacques left the show early, with Paige then sparking up a romance with Adam Collard. But she and Adam recently called it quits after video emerged of him with other girls while they were together. So with Paige now being single, fans have wondered if she and Jacques may rekindle their relationship, and now the rugby player is opening up about where they currently stand.

Confessing he will always care for the Welsh paramedic, Jacques told OK! Magazine: “I have no bad blood about her at all and she has nothing against me whatever happened happened it was on a show and it’s been done.

“Whenever I see Paige I am going to speak to the girl. I’ve got nothing against her. She’s a lovely girl and I’m always gonna care for her. It’s as simple as that.”


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The former islander also confessed that he gets along well with Paige, post-villa, saying: “Once you have feelings for someone it doesn’t just go, you’re always going to care for them no matter what, so that’s how I see Paige right now.

“She’s getting a lot of hate and bad press, but if we’ve got each other to look out for each other why would we not, because we’re actually good people. So it’s just normal to be nice to each other.

“She’s been done over badly by you know someone, so I’m going to have her back when she’s been treated badly by a bloke like that.”

Although he admitted they are current just friends, keeping it purely platonic.


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With the pair being good friends now, a reunion doesn’t seem very likely atm. But that’s not the only reason.

Paige opened up about their relationship, following her split from Adam, and confessed she hadn’t forgotten Jacques’ behaviour from their villa days.

Appearing on the Saving Grace podcast with TikTok star Grace Kelly, she confessed: “There has been slight contact…no contact of the lips… let’s not forget how this boy done me over in Casa, you don’t get this again.”

Jacques’ relationship status isn’t exactly clear, as he was rumoured to be seeing Norwegian influencer, Isabel Raad. Isabel seemingly stayed with him in Manchester during her UK visit.


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For those who need a recap of what went down during their Love Island fling, look no further: Jacques entered the villa as a bombshell, and grabbed everyone’s attention when it was revealed he was fellow islander Gemma Owen’s ex-bf. But he grabbed Paige’s attention pretty quickly for other reasons, and the pair hit it off straight away. They quickly coupled up and were love’s young dream…until Casa Amor.

When the houses were separated and new islanders entered, Jacques was quick to cosy up to the new girl Cheyanne. When they were brought back together, Jacques remained single, so he and Paige reunited. But things hit the rocks when the rugby player’s Casa Amor antics were revealed. This caused a massive rift between the pair, but Paige eventually forgave him. But it wasn’t long before more drama arrived, in the shape of former islander Adam Collard. He re-entered the villa, and immediately hit it off with Paige.

This caused plenty of trouble, with Jacques’ emotions getting the best of him, and leading to an angry outburst. After all the conflict, Jacques decided to leave the villa and focus on his mental health. But before he went, Jacques asked Paige to stay on the show, and try and find love, although he would be waiting for her on the outside. She coupled up with Adam and the pair became an official item not long after. Following their exit from the villa, the pair remained together, but recently split after the Scotsman was caught with other girls, while they were together.


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