Jeffree Star Has Finally Spoken About *That* Latest YouTube Drama

"I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection”,


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For quite a while now we have all been sitting in anticipation of Jeffree Star finally sharing his thoughts and spilling the beans on the Tati X Shane X James Charles X who even knows who else, drama.

Unusual for Jeffree however, he took quite a while to tell his side of things, and when he finally did over the weekend, his approach was unlike the usual Jeffree that we see.

“I’ve been silent for a very long time, I know that’s rare for me. I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection” Jeffree began the video with.

Entitling the video ‘Doing What’s Right’ Jeffree didn’t name Tati once, though he briefly spoke about her and the sitch, he remained pretty quiet about things, sharing that he doesn’t want to engage further into claims made about him, but he did let us know that his lawyers were doing that for him on his behalf.

In the video, Jeffree did, however, go on to apologise to James Charles for the whole dramagadden sitch last year. Making this Jame’s third apology, with Tati expressing her sorrow to him in her tell-all YouTube video, it would seem that James was treated unfairly last year by his fellow beauty community.


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While he didn’t go into specific details about anyone or anything, Jeffree did say that he’s working on himself and looking inward on his wrong past actions, vowing to do better going forward.

“When you accept that you are the problem you can become the solution. I’ve definitely put myself in a victim mentality before when I knew I was wrong and I didn’t want to admit it and I was too insecure.”

“Today there are no excuses. I’m someone who has impulse control and I’m fully admitting my flaws, and I hope people can learn from me.”


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Jeffree did share a little information on his current friendship with Shane Dawson, revealing that while the world assumes they’re no longer friends, the two are actually closer than ever. Admitting that Shane has said and done wrong things in the past, Jeffree says that he doesn’t judge Shane for who he was before, he only judges him on who he is now.

“Did Shane and I get caught up in the drama and do some dumb sh*t, of course, we did, but that’s my best friend and I was actually truly shocked that people thought I was going to distance myself from him or that my silence was anything but support,” he said.

“I know Shane from now, I don’t know him from 10 years ago and he doesn’t know me from 10 years ago. Do I agree with Shane’s past actions? of course, I don’t, and does he agree with my past behaviour? Of course, he doesn’t. I know the amazing person that he is today and you don’t abandon your friends.”

Shane is yet to return to social media having got caught up in drama with fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrooke in recent weeks and has since gone on to be scrutinised by social media for his old offensive videos which contained inappropriate and racist content.


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