Jennifer Zamparelli Just Revealed That She Was Engaged In Her 20s

"Worst decision of my life"



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Everyone’s fave funny woman, Jennifer Zamparelli just got very real about her twenties, admitting that if given the chance she would never relive them.

Speaking with Lottie Ryan on her RTÉ 2FM slot this morning, she said that she has a lot regrets from her younger years, including being engaged to the ‘wrong person’ when she was 21.

When asked if she would relive her twenties Jennifer quipped back:

“Not a hope in hell, because I was a mess”


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Continuing on to say that she was in a bad relationship, Jennifer shocked Lottie by revealing that she was even engaged in her early twenties.

“I didn’t like the look of myself, I was in a relationship that was not good for me, I made some really bad decisions” she said.

“I was engaged to someone when I was 21. Worst decision of my life!” she continued.

Revealing why she is so content with herself now in her 40s, Jennifer admits that she used to change her age on Wikipedia but now she feels exactly who she should be.

“I’m not going to change my age on Wikipedia because I don’t give a s**t anymore,”

“I think I’m in a really good position now. I’m delighted with life again. For the first time, I’m not scared”

Jennifer is now happily married to her husband Lauterio, who she shares two young children with, Florence and Enzo.