“Jordyn Is Not To Be Blamed…” Khloe Kardashian Has Majorly Back Tracked Since Publicly Bashing Jordyn Woods

Khloe Kardashian

So we all saw Jordyn Woods sit down with Jada Pinkett Smith for a tell all interview on Red Table Talk – after it emerged that she hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson… (If you didn’t, we break it all down for you here)

Jordyn won back the opinions of many after she revealed just what actually went down on the night in question – and it turned out to be MUCH more vanilla than we had originally thought.

However, KoKo was having none of it, and bashed the 21-year-old (who happens to be BFFs with her younger sister Kylie Jenner) on Twitter after the interview aired.

Now a lot of people took issue with the fact that Khloe seemed to be fully blaming Jordyn for the break up – despite the fact that NBA player Tristan has been known to have a wandering eye on many occasions before this.

On top of that, if what Jordy said in her interview was true (which we totally believe it to be) – nothing beyond a unwanted peck on the lips happened between her and Tristan.

So why was the reality star blaming Jordyn for all her problems with the bad boy father of her adorbs little baby?!

In true Khloe form, she has gone on the Twitter attack yet again – and this time has back tracked on her call out tweets and made it clear that she does in fact blame Tristan for what went down.

“This has been an awful week & I know everyone is sick of hearing about it all (as am I). I’m a rollercoaster of emotions & have said things I shouldn’t have. Honestly, Tristan cheating on me & humiliating me, wasn’t such a shock as the first time,” the mother of one posted on social media.

“What’s been harder & more painful is being hurt by someone so close to me. Someone whom I love & treat like a little sister. But Jordyn is not to be blamed for the breakup of my family. This was Tristan’s fault.

“I have to move on with my life & count my blessings, my family, my health, & my beautiful baby True.

This is all still very sad, but we are happy Khloe has come to her senses and finally kicked that fella to the curb! Hopefully its for good this time!


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