Karlie Kloss Shocks Fans At Taylor Swift’s Final LA Show – A Timeline Of The Ex Best Friends

It's been a while...


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Hardcore Swifties will know all about the rumours that surrounded the singer’s relationship with supermodel Karlie Kloss.

The pair go all the way back to 2012, when they were first spotted sharing an interaction online. Taylor said in an interview with Vogue that she loved Karlie Kloss, sweetly adding “I want to bake cookies with her!”. Karlie responded publicly on Twitter, “Your kitchen or mine? :)” – and the friendship blossomed!


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From that moment onward, Karlie and Taylor appeared to be an inseparable duo.  In 2013, the two shared a cute moment on stage, with Karlie brushing past Taylor as she sang I Knew You Were Trouble on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show runway.

In 2014, the friends were seen spending significant amounts of time together, going on holidays and shopping sprees, and even attending the Met Gala together.


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The famous young women cemented their bond when Taylor showed Rolling Stone the bedroom “where Karlie usually stays” in her house. Some time later, she brought Karlie as her date to the American Music Awards.

By 2015, Karlie and Taylor were attached at the hip; Karlie made an appearance in Taylor’s Bad Blood video (allegedly a diss track aimed at Katy Perry), and they appeared on the cover of Vogue together. How cute is that?!

Come 2016, the close connection was showing no sign of slowing down. K and Tay went to Coachella, had a blast at one of Taylor’s famed Fourth Of July parties, and posted adorable, sentimental birthday posts for one another.


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However, the love was not to last. In 2017, the pair weren’t seen hanging out at their usual level, and by 2018, fans were raising eyebrows and speculating that there had been a falling out. The fire was further stoked when Karlie shared an Instagram video of her playing basketball, opening her caption with the words “Swish swish”.

This seemed to reference Katy Perry’s retaliation diss track to Taylor’s Bad Blood. After fans caused uproar over the comment, Karlie promptly deleted it; though she was then spotted out for dinner with Katy.


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In 2018, the rumours briefly abated when Karlie listed Taylor as one of her closest friends to the New York Times. Karlie also attended Taylor’s Reputation Tour Nashville show, sharing a sweet selfie of the two.

However, Taylor remained tight lipped about Karlie publicly; even writing an article for ELLE magazine about fleeting relationships, and how you have to leave some friends behind. When asked by Andy Cohen, Karlie said that she “loved” Taylor’s essay, and that she was “lucky” to have “an incredible woman” as a friend. Hmm.

A final nail in the coffin of their companionship allegedly appeared when Taylor didn’t attend either of Karlie’s wedding events as she got married to Joshua Kushner.

Further asserting their distance, Karlie was spotted hanging out with music executive Scooter Braun on a yacht. This shocked fans as Taylor had recently come forward in a very public dispute over not being able to own the rights to her own music, thanks to Scooter.

And so, it seemed as though Karlie and Taylor’s year long friendship had come to an end. That is, until Karlie was spotted with two friends at Taylor’s final LA showing of her Eras Tour on Wednesday night. Wait, what?!

Fans were extremely surprised to see the supermodel in attendance, after almost four years of radio silence between the two. Some pointed out the awkward fact that Karlie was sitting with the general crowd instead of in the VIP area, which has been frequented by numerous celebs over the course of the tour. Many wondered if Taylor knew Karlie was going to be there, and if the duo keep in touch at all.

Those sitting close to Karlie shared pictures and videos of her dancing, singing along, and enjoying the vibes of the extravagant performance.

We think it’s super cute that she’s still going to support her old bestie, even if there’s history there! Now we want to know if this means there’s a reunion on the horizon…