Katy Perry Says She WILL Forgive Taylor Swift, But She Has One Big Ask First

Katy's love doesn't come easy.

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Poor Taylor Swift, eh? So far, 2016 has definitely been a year of Bad Blood for the singer. She’s had beef with everyone from Calvin Harris to Kim Kardashian of late despite being on a musical hiatus and technically “out of the spotlight.”

Prior to this year though, Taylor’s celebrity feuds were all pretty low-key. Aside, of course, from her long-term mutual hate relationship with Katy Perry.

The pair, who were once close enough to pose for photos together at awards ceremonies and attend each other’s birthday parties, haven’t been on speaking terms since 2013, when Katy reportedly poached three of Taylor’s Red World Tour dancers for her own Prism tour, mid-way through Taylor’s run of gigs.

Taylor called the Dark Horse singer a “straight-up enemy” in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2014, while Katy’s since publicly referred to the singer as “the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

However in a Twitter Q&A with fans over the weekend, Katy seemed to suggest that all was right with Taylor. Or least that all COULD be right, if just one thing would change.

When asked if she’d ever collaborate with Taylor, Katy responded, “If she says sorry, sure!”

Hmmm. Somehow we doubt that went down too well in Camp Swift…


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