Kevin The Carrot Returns To Fight Off The Leafy Blinders In Aldi’s New Christmas Ad

This time, he's fighting off the Leafy Blinders - gas.

Ever since Kevin and his carrot family graced our screens, Christmas ads got a whole lot better. It’s the cuteness of the veg family, I just can’t cope. But this time round, it’s not all joyous times for poor aul’ Kevin as he finds himself in hot water with an angry gang of brussels sprouts. What is it that always makes sprouts seem a bit agro? New character Russell Sprout, and his gang of ‘Leafy Blinders’, are boiling with rage about Kevin and his family of carrots stealing the show as the star Christmas vegetable.

This year’s advert begins with the sprouts gathering round Kevin to teach him a lesson. They’ve heard he’s planning on putting on a massive Christmas show and they want to put a stop to it. Luckily Kevin manages to escape the sprouts’ clutches with the help of Tiny Tom and deliver his ‘Christmas Spectacular.’ Katie and the kids make a reappearance, along with a whole cast of new characters.

The ad is set to air for the first time on Thursday 7th November at 18.20pm on Virgin Media Two. But if you just can’t wait that long to get your cute carrot fix, you can check out the full thing below.


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