Kim Kardashian Confesses Moment She Realised She Had To Divorce Kanye West

The final ever episode of KUWTK aired for the first time last night.

They say all good things must come to an end and that was certainly the case with KUWTK last night. After 14 years and 20 seasons, the show we’ve all grown to love had its final curtain call as we know it.

In the final episode which aired in the US on Thursday night and is available on Hayu now (E! on Sunday), Kim set the record straight on her split from Kanye.

Wanting to make sure she put all speculation to rest before the show ended, Kim candidly spoke about the reason behind her marriage ending and well, it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Explaining that she’s so thankful she has such a fortunate life and a career she didn’t even dream of having, she added that all she’s missing is someone to share her success and personal life with, someone to do all the “little” things with.

“I just feel like I’ve worked so hard in life, to achieve everything that I wanted to, and I’ve lived up to my expectations and achieved 10 times more than I even thought was humanly possible.”


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“But I don’t have a life to share that with. I do, obviously, my kids and everything, but am I just gonna sit here and think, “Okay, my kids fulfill me, and I’m good?” The KUWTK star confessed on camera.

Adding that she never thought she was lonely until her 40th birthday, Kim added that she came to terms with the fact she’s not OK living in a different state to her husband constantly and only really getting on when they’re apart.

‘Then after turning 40 this year, I realised, ‘No, I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state to me. I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s when we’re getting along the best.’ But that is sad to me and that’s not what I want.”

Adding that although she’s got the best of everything in life, when it comes down to it, she wants someone who’s there for her most importantly. Someone she can depend on being there day in and day out, adding that seeing that with Khloe and Tristan made her “envious”.


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“I want someone that we have the same shows in common. I want someone that wants to work out with me. Every single day Khloe and Tristan and I would work out at 6am and I was third-wheeling it for a good eight months in quarantine. I was so envious of that.”

“I was like, ‘Wow, it’s the little things I don’t have,’ the KKW mogul continued.

Not an easy topic to talk about so openly, but definitely something which was important for her to set the record straight on. There was no major cheating scandal, no crazy controversy to see here, just two people who unfortunately, drifted apart.

Speculation around the pair’s split first began late last year, with the pair filing for divorce in February.

It’s believed Kim and Kanye now live separate lives, continuing to co-parent their four children.

Kanye just recently celebrated his 44th birthday in Provence, France. Apparently on a trip away with Irina Shayk. Read more here.


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