Kim Kardashian Rapping Is Our Favourite Video On The Internet This Week

Take a bow, Lil Kim(my).


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Kim Kardashian turned 41-years-old this week. And as we all know, when a KarJenner turns any age, it’s one massive celebration.

From the parties to the posts and most importantly, the throwbacks, social media’s most famous family don’t do anything by halves and when it comes to celebrating their birthdays, their friends are armed and ready with some seriously good content to share.

One friend in particular who had the posts set to shoot out for Kim’s birthday was chief marketing officer of KKW brand, Tracy Romulus.

As someone who spends most of her time working for Kim, and as a close family friend for years – often making cameos on KUWTK, you can be sure she’s plenty of hilarious snaps and unseen clips, and boy did she deliver this year. Sharing a video for Kim’s birthday, Tracy posted a clip of Kim rapping in a sound booth and unsurprisingly, the clip is now going viral.

Now, we all know Kim did look at launching a music career once upon a time. RIP to 2011 single Jam (Turn It Up), may it remain in  some corner of the web, but this recent video of Kimmy rapping actually kind of slaps? Like, we’d love it as a TikTok sound…

And from things that slapped to snapped, Kim was rapping so hard, it appears as though she broke the heel of her boot. Artists, eh?

As for on social media, people are also going mad for Kim’s rapping kontent, here’s some of the reaction.

How we love a viral vid, really unites the internet.

Iconic, see you in the 3Arena, Kim!

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