Kim Kardashian’s ‘Divorce’ From Kanye West ‘Planned Out’ For Later This Year

The rapper's recent comment about the pair's eldest daughter was apparently the final straw.


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still preparing to divorce, reports a new source.

After speculation that Kim was planning to do everything possible to make the marriage work, new comments from Page Six claim that she has the “whole divorce planned out but she’s waiting for him to get through his latest episode.”

It was first reported back in May that the coronavirus pandemic was taking its toll on the couple’s marriage, with Kim and Kanye not only sleeping in different beds, but keeping to different sides of the house with little interaction.

Then, after Kanye’s first presidential rally, things escalated when the star made a whole host of statements including his stance on abortion, which apparently followed a manic episode that Kim found hard to deal with.


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“She is deeply disappointed and sad because Kanye is struggling.

“It’s a vicious cycle that Kim has had success at interrupting successfully for months at a time,” a source told US Weekly.

But as Kanye refuses to keep to his care plan, Kim is said to be struggling and thus, giving up at any chance of helping her husband.

After the presidential rally, the family went on a short vacation to bond and reconnect, but the hope was apparently short lived as Kim’s left disappointed with Kanye’s “empty” promises.

“He promised he’d stay on them [his medication]. The last time, part of his negotiation with Kim was that he’d get back on his medication and he would work very hard to control his impulses.

“He made a lot of promises. And now those promises are broken, less than a month later.”


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Now, the sources claim that the pair are just trying to handle the divorce in the best way possible for their children and their own sanity. Finding the right time and way to go about parting ways.

There is also talk that the divorce could be filmed for KUWTK to put an end to speculation and tell the real truth. Kim has yet to comment on recent claims.


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