Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Have One VERY Strange Rule For People Around Baby Stormi


Kylie Jenner is apparently taking motherhood VERY seriously, since giving birth to baby Stormi earlier this month.

What with her seven nieces and nephews, we knew she would take to being a mom pretty well, but it seems as if she is being seriously strict when it comes to her little girl’s safety.

Travis Scott, Stormi’s dad, yesterday posted a snap 0f himself and Kylie wearing white surgical masks. It turns out that its not just the latest fashion statement, but a new rule the parents have put in place.

A source close to Kylie has revealed that she won’t allow anyone around her two-week-old baby without one of these surgical masks, for sanitary and health reasons

“Travis and Kylie were just goofing around together at home,” a source told

“Kylie got boxes of medical masks for people to wear around Stormi because she doesn’t want her exposed to any germs, she’s still so brand new.”

What do you think? Is Kylie being an overprotective mama, or just being sensible?


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