Kylie Jenner Has Shared The First Photo Of Her And Little Baby Stormi

"My angel baby is one month old today."

In keeping with how she spent her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner has been staying pretty quiet about baby Stormi on social media.

Up until now, all we’d gotten was a little hand wrapped around Kylie’s (perfectly manicured) thumb, posted a couple of days after she announced Stormi’s birth.

Kylie’s social media has been very active since then – she’s been posing in cars, destroying Snapchat, showing off her handbag, and promoting her new makeup collection inspired by her daughter. But there has been no sign of the child. Let us see the child! …Please?

It seems she read our minds because last night, the new mam posted some very cute photos of herself and baby Stormi looking extremely cosy.

(In this image, a ring that looks suspiciously like an engagement ring can be seen on her wedding finger. Is there something else you’re not telling us, Kylie?)

“My angel baby is one month old today,” she wrote.

Aww. Happy four weeks, Stormi. Be thankful your mam didn’t introduce you to the world with a Snapchat filter on your face.