Kylie Jenner Just Addressed That Shower Situation

This has gotten out of hand now

In very Kylie Jenner fashion, Kylie Jenner has responded to people who can’t seem to stop talking about her water pressure, so she’s setting things right. Yep, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

In case you missed it (although we’re sure you didn’t), Kylie posted a video of her walk-in shower, complete with pink marble walls and the internet went a little wild.

One person tweeted, “Kylie Jenner lives in a $35m mansion, and this is the water pressure…” And it all kicked off from there. Honestly.

So Kylie took to her Instagram Stories to explain her shower situation, as you would.

“I keep seeing on the internet my f***ing shower,” she said.

“I think it’s an amazing shower. I have no problem with it. But everyone seems to find my water pressure very concerning.”


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She went on to explain that the first shower is the one at Kylie Cosmetics HQ, not her main shower at all.

Kylie went on to show her extremely fancy shower, where you can set the temperate – she prefers 102 degrees Fahrenheit, in case you were wondering.

“So this is really my shower at my house. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Thank you, everyone, for your concern.” We have to admire the sarcasm.

Now, aren’t we all glad that’s sorted out?




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