Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Present For Tyga Featured Edible Boobs Because Kylie Jenner

Any opportunity for some sex appeal.

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Kylie Jenner isn’t one to hold back when it comes to birthday parties. Earlier this year, the 19-year-old threw herself a massive yacht party for her 19th birthday in Turks and Caicos, also treating herself to a new Land Rover, and a $200,000 (€180,000) Mercedes Benz, the latter via her boyfriend Tyga.

In October the reality star went all out with a Ferrari-themed fourth birthday bash for Tyga’s son King Cairo, featuring a Ferris wheel, multiple race-car themed costume changes, and a range of Ferraris (real and miniature) for the toddler to play in.

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Now, it’s Tyga’s turn to be spoiled as his 27th birthday is tomorrow, and we’re guessing the celebrations shared on Kylie’s Snapchat feed last night are only the beginning.

First up, the KUWTK star hosted a surprise gathering in her house with King’s help, featuring cake, fried chicken and other treats.

“Happy early birthday,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of herself and her stepson welcoming Tyga with their surprise.

The treats didn’t stop there though, as Kylie had also arranged for personalised cupcakes to be ready on board the private jet she and Tyga boarded late last night.

“I put cupcakes on da plane,” she wrote, sharing photos of a range of cakes featuring dollar bills, photos of King, a photo of Tyga and a topless Kylie and – of course – buttercream icing bums and boobs. Standard.


In one video, Tyga can be heard saying, “Gotta make it more real, flatten it a little bit,” as he removes some of the icing from a buttercream-y ass cheek.

No word yet on where the couple are headed, but we’re guessing it’s somewhere birthday-friendly…


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