Laura Whitmore Just Upcycled An Outfit From Last Season On Love Island And We Are Obsessed

Did you notice?


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One episode in and we are already hooked on this season’s Love Island!

The contestants have entered, been coupled up (by the public) and are getting their best chat on in the hopes of finding the one. We can imagine tensions are high at the moment as Davide pulls his potential partners for a chat before tonight’s recoupling.

With all of this going on, it’s easy to miss the outfits everyone is wearing (except those Crocs Ikenna, we saw those…) but if you take another look you may be pleasently surprised.

Presenter Laura Whitmore actually wore a top that she sported during the 2020 season. The iconic red suit a loveheart cutout wowed us then, and the Irish star broke out it out in a repurposed way for last night’s opener. Did you notice?

This time pairing the waistcoat with red shorts, Laura absolutely nailed the look once again, sharing a sneak peek at the outfit before the show she wrote, “Details, we’ve done something a bit special with an old favourite! ✂️”.


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There’s a big emphasis on sustainability with the wardrobe on this year’s show, so this move was pretty on theme for Laura.

Before the premiere of the new season, the show’s executive producer Mike Spencer revealed that eBay will be the fashion sponsor for the upcoming series, ditching ISAWITFIRST, its partner since 2019, explaining;

“We are thrilled to be pairing up with Ebay this year as our pre-loved fashion partner. As a show we strive to be a more eco-friendly production with more focus on ways in which we can visibly show this on screen.

“This partnership will see our Islanders get to dive into the shared wardrobes and help themselves to some incredible pre-loved clothes sourced from Ebay. We aim to inspire our demographic and show that there are incredible finds to be had and how sharing is, in some small way, caring.”


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We are looking forward to seeing the firepit ‘fits for the rest of the season, Millie Court was the style icon from the last season so we are ready to find some more style inpso on our telly. Just another element of the show we adore!



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