All The Hints That Molly Mae Hague Has Given Birth

Is Molly-Mae FINALLY Mummy-Mae?


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So we’ve heard so pretty out there theories since Molly-Mae Hague announced she was expecting her first child. From wild name predictions, to outlandish ideas about when she had given birth. With most being shut down by Molly-Mae herself.

But she and Love Island boxer beau Tommy Fury have recently sparked a lot of speculation that they have already welcomed their little one…and Molly-Mae hasn’t shut these rumours down!

Honestly there’s quite a bit of evidence at this point, so let’s take a look at all the reasons people think baby Hague-Fury has already arrived.

1.Tommy refused to answer when asked if Molly-Mae had given birth


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So Tommy Fury has return to work (which is a hint itself) and attended a press conference in Wembley Stadium last night. During which he was asked if the couple had welcomed their daughter yet and his reply…

The boxer quickly said: “I will be making no comment on that.”

…Sure Jan!

2. Jake Paul has claimed the couple welcomed the baby


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So this one is definitely random but YouTuber Jake Paul has claimed Molly-Mae gave birth.

The couple have quite a fraught history with Jake, firstly he pretended Molly-Mae slid into his DMs, them he and Tommy organised a boxing match, Tommy cancelled said fight, social media posts were made. It’s all very messy.

But Jake confirmed that he and Tommy will enter the ring together, and threw some shade about his past cancellations. Listing why Tommy has no excuse to bail on their match, Jake wrote: “Fumbles has no excuses now. Baby is born. Money is massive. Immigration is not an issue.”

However the couple released a statement denying their baby had arrived.

3. Molly-Mae revealed her due date

@mollymaehague How did that happen😳 #fyp #pregnant ♬ original sound – That’s iconic

On the 27th of December, Molly-Mae posted a TikTok using an audio which said: “So I’m 32 weeks today, only about a month left.”

Which would mean the 23-year-old would be expected to give birth around now.

4. No/low social media activity


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As an influencer Molly-Mae posts pretty regularly.

But her last grid post on Instagram was nine days ago, with fairly low social media activity since then. In her last post, Molly-Mae wrote: “I really couldn’t have asked my body to provide a better home for the first 9 months of our little girls life… so blessed to say my pregnancy has been a complete and utter dream.”


So what do you think, have Molly and Tommy welcomed their daughter yet?


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