Lindt Is Launching A Vegan Chocolate Range Made From Oat Milk

The Swiss brand is joining the vegan family, bringing out its first selection of plant-based sweets.

Great news for veggies, chocolate lovers and Lindt lovers, which I think covers about everyone, right? Lindt has just announced some exciting expansion news for the brand, by introducing a vegan range for the first time.

The plant-based treats will fall under the “Hello” collection, and include three big bars to kick off; hazelnut, cookie and salted caramel, all made with oat milk and featuring absolutely no animal products.

The new bars also feature fully recyclable packaging, launching first in Germany this November and with word on the street, they’ll be with us before Christmas, however, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But, like all good things we expect them to drop here in due course and join the extending and exciting family of vegan chocolate now available to us. Another big brand, Galaxy, also introduced a vegan range last year, available to shop in supermarkets here, the range includes an orange flavour (you know how much we love orange chocolate), a hazelnut flavour and lastly, a caramel offering.

Equally, M&S do some pretty good vegan treats, including vegan chocolate and most recently, vegan marshmallows – yep!


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Part of the Plant Kitchen range, M&S excitingly announced:

“Creating the perfect vegan-friendly marshmallows was no mean feat, M&S product developer Katy Patino took over a year to perfect the quality and taste of the marshmallow, making sure it had that wonderful balance of a soft and squishy texture with a delicious sweet vanilla flavour.”

Mmmm, a good day, lads.


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