Lottie Ryan Reveals ‘Disgusting’ Messages She Has Received Since Announcing Her Pregnancy

“I don’t even get it, I didn’t ask for their advice,"


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Sadly, almost anyone in the public eye and social media ends up having to deal with negativity at some point. Lottie Ryan has revealed that since she announced her pregnancy earlier this year she has been inundated with advice from people as well as some “disgusting” messages.

A few weeks ago she said her cravings have been pineapple, pomegranate seeds, fresh orange juice, Lucozade, fizzy jellies and very specifically noodles from her local Chinese restaurant Yangs in Clontarf.

The radio DJ was speaking with Jennifer Zamparelli about this on their 2FM show and Lottie said it began when she shared this to Instagram; “Among my cravings is a particular fizzy drink, which by the way I obviously told my doctor, and they said it was perfectly safe and fine.”

Continuing she said; “I put up that this fizzy drink was one of the things I was craving, and I don’t even know why I looked at the responses, but there were people telling me just stuff that was absolutely disgusting.

“Essentially telling me ‘you’re killing your baby’. Really, really disgusting stuff to send someone.”


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A post shared by Lottie Ryan (@lottieryan1)

She added; “I don’t even get it, I didn’t ask for their advice and also these are just other mothers – I have a doctor people! I just couldn’t believe how passionate people are.”

“I was kind of thinking, Jesus lads there’s far worse things to be doing. And also, it’s just none of your business.”

The 35-year-old went on to say that this has made her rethink what she shared on the app, as people will always be so quick to judge what you do; “It was something so innocent to have put up, and to have received such a response from people who really feel they’re the fizzy drink police…”

“I kind of did take a step back, going well Jesus maybe I should be a little more careful in future, and I think that’s kind of sad…” she added.

“Because its something that I was kind of happy to talk about, but now I’m kind of thinking twice.”