Louis Tomlinson Is Up For A One Direction Reunion

We've officially reverted back into our One Direction fan girl era

One Direction fans have been holding out hope of a reunion for years now, but even their most die heart supporters are struggling to believe the band is just on hiatus, after seven years of no new 1D.

But hope might be insight as Louis Tomlinson just confirmed he’d love to do a reunion.

Speaking on Australian show, Sunrise, Louis said it would be a shame if the band never worked together again. Saying, “I’ll be pretty gutted if it’s not, like definitely,”

“What’s the impossible question to answer is when. I’ve got no idea, but I’d be really, really surprised if one day we didn’t. It would be a waste.”

As for his other bandmates, Louis didn’t say if they’d be interested in a reunion. But he did shout out all of their hard work, saying he is “proud” to see them embark on new music journeys.

Explaining, “It’s nice to be able to watch on and I think what’s great or what makes me proud, is everyone’s kind of gone on their own individual journey musically and kind of created this identity.”

Awww, stan Louis always!


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Louis is currently embarking on his first solo world tour, right now performing in Australia.

But even though he is on a solo tour, the Yorkshire native shared he is still happy to talk about his One Direction days.

Telling The Project, “I’m more than happy to talk about it in every interview. It’s something I’m immensely proud of,”

Well we’ve officially reverted back into our 1D fan girl era, and will now be (not so) patiently waiting for the end of that hiatus.