Louis Tomlinson Sent Fans Into A Frenzy With His One Direction Comments On The X Factor

Last night saw the return of the X Factor live shows,  and with no shortage of talking points either.

Whether it was the name announcement mess up that caused Danny Tetley to have to start his performance again, the numerous sly digs that Ayda Williams took at her husband Robbie’s career, or the general cringe factor of some of the acts, Twitter was flying the whole way through the show.

But it was one comment made by judge Louis Tomlinson that really had people talking, and not in a good way…

In a backstage clip of a conversation between mentor Louis and one of his acts, Irishman Brendan Murray – the One Direction star told Brendan that he ‘used to be in a band’. Hmm….

That came as news to Directioners, who were promised that Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam were ON A BREAK!!

Here’s what the hardcore fans had to say…


We’re not sure if this is an official statement from the band…. but we’re also not holding our breath for another boyband reunion just yet.


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